About us

We are Free Pride

Free Pride has been running in Glasgow since 2015. As Pride events around the world have become increasingly commercialised and ‘pinkwashed’ we found there was a need for a community led, grassroots pride that focused on accessibility and inclusion - so we set one up! We believe Pride should be free and accessible for everyone and our event aims to provide a space that centres the most marginalised people within our community.
Free Pride takes an anti-capitalist, abolitionist approach. We want to create a safer space for our community to connect and be platformed. We recognise the harm of police presence, state sponsors and corporations at queer events and these groups are not welcome at Free Pride. By having this policy, we aim to enable those most marginalised - including trans people, queer people of colour, sex workers and disabled people - to attend and feel safe.
We believe Pride is a protest and it’s an important way to raise awareness of the issues facing the LGBTQ community, as well as providing a space to come together and take action. From the extreme barriers to healthcare facing trans people, to the systemic violence facing LGBTQ people seeking asylum, Pride should be a platform to demand and make change.
In the past we have worked with organisations such as SWARM, Terence Higgins Trust, LGBT Age, Who Cares?, Glasgow Disability Alliance, Scotch Bonnet, and LGBT Unity, as well as LGBTQ activists, artists and performers across Scotland. If you’d like to be involved in the next Free Pride event email us at hello@freepride.gay

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